Monday, September 19, 2011

Cow Pot (Thai Fried Rice)

By Margaret Randell

I got this from a neighbor we had at George AFB. Whenever we would be in the back yard barbecuing she would come over with a big bowl of this for us in exchange for whatever Tim had on the grill. She was from Thailand.

Small bag of rice (approx. 28 oz.)
2 T Fish Sauce (You may have to go to an Asian Store to get this)
1 small Onion
4 Eggs or more
2T Accent Salt to taste
2 T Sugar

Cut pork chops into small pieces. Fry pork chops
season with the Accent and a little salt. Save the fat to fry the onions in. Cook rice. Add cooked rice and onions to skillet with pork chops. Push rice aside and add eggs. and scramble. May need to add more grease. Add sugar and fish sauce. You may use or add bacon or ham or chicken.

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